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One of Perth's most respected Physiotherapy Groups

20 years Established

Sophisticated, Luxurious Clinics

Cutting Edge Technologies and Surroundings

Access to in-house orthopaedic surgeons and specialists



We are one of the most respected physiotherapy groups in Perth. With experienced, knowledgeable physiotherapists and cutting-edge technology, we can help you recover from a very wide range of injuries and conditions quickly.

Our physiotherapy clinic has been providing in-house treatment for a variety of physical conditions for 19 years. Known for its luxurious space and advanced facilities, West Perth and Mosman Park Physiotherapy is passionate about providing effective treatment and fast results. We utilise the very best in new technology and practices to provide our clients with the care they deserve. This extends from real-time ultrasound (that provides in-depth information about your muscles) through to our paperless office, which ensures your information is securely stored and transported within the clinic and to any related medical professionals.

Our team are experts in areas including sports physiotherapy, musculosketal treatments, clinical Pilates, post-operative rehabilitation, and much more. We can get to the root cause of your problem or pain and set you firmly on the path to recovery.

We also provide clinical Pilates onsite at our West Perth and Mosman Park Practices, to assist our clients in making a full and long-lasting recovery. Pilates builds up core strength and supports your spine, through a series of low impact exercises. With the assistance of our Perth physiotherapists and Pilates professionals, you can target those muscles that are currently letting you down.

We have physiotherapy clinics throughout West Perth, including:

Call us today for an appointment, or use our easy contact form—we are here to answer any questions that you may have and to recommend services that may be suitable for your current situation.