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Clinical Pilates

clinical pilates 2What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is a total body treatment regime developed over 70 years ago by New Yorker, Joseph Pilates.

West Perth & Mosman Park Physiotherapy has expanded on this regime to incorporate new medical research to develop Clinical Pilates and was one of the first to pioneer this in Perth.

Clinical Pilates incorporates stretching and strengthening exercises using specialised equipment such as Real Time Ultrasound to view the core stabiliser muscles actually working, The Pilates Reformer, Physiotherapy Balls, The Feldenkrais Roll and comprehensive home exercise programs. Pilates is used to develop Core Stabilisation. It targets the deep abdominal muscles and other stabilisers that support the spine.

clinical-pilatesExercises are designed to activate these stabilisers, which reduces the stress on the spine and joints of the body and attains correct postural alignment and muscle balance.

Pilates is also effective as a "no impact" conditioning program for athletes and the general population. It is ideal for injury prevention and muscle toning. It is beneficial for patients who find it difficult to exercise and lose weight due to sore, arthritic joints and also those with acute injuries. It is also a useful relaxation exercise that incorporates breathing techniques.

With clinics in Mosman Park and West Perth, we are conveniently located for Cottesloe, Dalkeith, Claremont and Subiaco residents to visit.