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We Are Experts in:

  • Sports Injuries

  • Back & Neck Pain

  • Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation

  • Joint Pain

  • Headaches

  • Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy

  • Motor Vehicle & Work Injuries

    At West Perth & Mosman Park Physiotherapy we focus on results and outstanding patient care by utilising the latest research, our extensive experience, combined with state of the art technology.

  • Getting the most out of your bike

back pain

Treat Back Pain at Mosman Park and West Perth Physiotherapy

From an annoying little twinge to a more serious injury, back pain needs to be taken seriously. With such a wide variety of types and causes of back pain, it is recommended that you see a professional to diagnose your problems and set in place an expert recovery plan.

At Mosman Park and West Perth Physiotherapy, we can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and set you on the path to being pain-free. Interconnected as the back and spine are with the muscular, nervous, and skeleton systems within your body, problems located there can often be caused by or causing problems in other parts of the body. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can locate the root cause of your pain and tackle it there.

Many back and spine problems are caused by weak core muscles, which leave the spine without proper support. To help clients with this problem, we offer Clinical Pilates, an exercise regime that targets these muscles and gently builds them up.

To book in for an appointment, please visit our Contact Us page. We have two clinics in Perth, with one ideally located for Subiaco residents.

sports injury

Specialist Sports Physiotherapists

At Mosman Park and West Perth Physiotherapy, we really understand sports and their associated injuries. Within our team of physios, we have intimate experience with rugby union, AFL, league, American football, marathon running, pilates, surf life saving, surfing, swimming, tennis, snowboarding, hockey, yoga, rock climbing – and that’s just to name a few! We know how frustrating it is when a sport injury keeps you from participating in the sports you love.

With our expert knowledge of sports injuries and rehabilitation, we can get you back on the field or pitch or into the pool or surf sooner – and keep you there. We’re focused on outcome-based physiotherapy, on addressing the present problem as well as building up strength to prevent the problem from reoccurring. You’ll have an expert sports physio to work with you through your recovery and make any alterations needed to your ongoing plan.

Whether you’ve rolled an ankle, pulled a shoulder, or taken a tumble, we can set you on the path to recovery. With two clinics located in West Perth and Mosman Park, we’re ideally located for Shenton Park, Subiaco, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, Dalkeith, and Claremont sport enthusiasts. Book in for an appointment today.

neck pain

Get Relief from Neck Pain at Mosman Park and West Perth Physiotherapy

Neck pain can be caused by a myriad of factors, from obvious causes such as whiplash or a sporting injury through to more insidious ones like poor posture or sleeping in an unnatural position. Whatever the cause, injuries of the neck can often lead to other problems. The neck is connected to the spinal, nervous, and vascular systems, so any problems there can easily transfer, with pain referring along the nerves into the base of the skull or down the arms.

At Mosman Park and West Perth Physiotherapy, we provide long-lasting relief from neck injuries and can set you firmly on the road towards recovery.

We can treat neck pain associated with:

  • Whiplash or impact injuries
  • Poor posture
  • RSI (repetitive strain injuries)
  • Pinched nerves

And many more injuries.

Our knowledgeable and friendly physiotherapists can expertly assess your injury and create a plan to get you moving again. We put a great emphasis on utilising the very best in new technology, to get the results for our clients that they deserve.

Free yourself from neck pain; make a booking at one of our clinics today. We’re conveniently located for Peppermint Grove clients.

Bike Fit

bike 2Why Bike Fit?

In Australian society, cycling is becoming more and more popular whether commuting to work, mountain biking on the weekend, training for competition or simply enjoying a casual ride.

Bike Fit is integral in preventing musculoskeletal injuries, providing ample comfort when riding and ensures optimal power, efficiency, aerodynamics and performance.

When riding on an ill-fitting bike you are at risk of muscle length discrepancies, decreased power and efficiency. Most importantly you will be more susceptible to many repetitive strain injuries which can result in a multitude of medical fees!

To prevent this, we address the cause of the problem first not the repercussions of the problem.

What to Expect

During your one-hour session at West Perth Physiotherapy you will undergo a comprehensive assessment in order to professionally assess and make the adequate changes to the bike ensuring you are getting the best out of your bike whilst preventing injuries. We begin by taking a thorough history about your cycling experience and take note of your goals. We then undertake a thorough measurement of your:

  • musculoskeletal system, such as muscle length, flexibility, core strength and alignment of your body on your bike.
  • Anthropometric's such as leg length and joint angles allowing us to accurately determine the correct parameters of your bike.
  • Bike measurements, such as crank length, seat incline, handlebar angle and joint angles whilst on the bike and precisely analyse your technique.

What to Bring

  • Your bike (road bike, mountain bike, track bike or recreational bike)
  • Your cycling cleats or shoes
  • Bike Shorts (knicks)
  • Your private health card as you can claim a rebate instantly on your private health fund.

Why Choose a Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist has studied four years at University level to become an expert in Bio-mechanical analysis during sporting activities. This allows the Physiotherapist to have a greater understanding of how muscles, joint angles and forces all interact with each other in order to create elite performance.

Your Physiotherapist can also take into account any pre-existing injuries or susceptibilities and modify your bike accordingly.

Clinical Pilates

clinical pilates 2What is Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is a total body treatment regime developed over 70 years ago by New Yorker, Joseph Pilates.

West Perth & Mosman Park Physiotherapy has expanded on this regime to incorporate new medical research to develop Clinical Pilates and was one of the first to pioneer this in Perth.

Clinical Pilates incorporates stretching and strengthening exercises using specialised equipment such as Real Time Ultrasound to view the core stabiliser muscles actually working, The Pilates Reformer, Physiotherapy Balls, The Feldenkrais Roll and comprehensive home exercise programs. Pilates is used to develop Core Stabilisation. It targets the deep abdominal muscles and other stabilisers that support the spine.

clinical-pilatesExercises are designed to activate these stabilisers, which reduces the stress on the spine and joints of the body and attains correct postural alignment and muscle balance.

Pilates is also effective as a "no impact" conditioning program for athletes and the general population. It is ideal for injury prevention and muscle toning. It is beneficial for patients who find it difficult to exercise and lose weight due to sore, arthritic joints and also those with acute injuries. It is also a useful relaxation exercise that incorporates breathing techniques.

With clinics in Mosman Park and West Perth, we are conveniently located for Cottesloe, Dalkeith, Claremont and Subiaco residents to visit.